What Kitchen Layout Should I Choose?

There are almost as many kitchen layouts as there are letters of the alphabet, however choosing the correct one for your kitchen is so important and if you already have a layout – we’ve got some great tips for making it even better. So, let’s take a look at some tips to help improve your kitchen layout.



If your kitchen is L- shaped, as a lot of them are, then you’re in luck. This is probably one of the most functional layouts out there and works well with space. The variation in shape makes it an easy fit for most styles and it’s a very easy area to get around, cook in and entertain from.

I Shaped Designs

The I shaped design is perfect for smaller spaces as it fits into most areas. At Kuchen World we find that the I-shaped handle less kitchen is a single galley design and a works well in small apartments and lofts as it doesn’t take up space but does tend to offer a lot of counter room. It’s also very simple and extremely affordable, which is something we find at k a lot of people in smaller areas really appreciate.

U Shaped Design

If you love cooking then you’ll love the U–shaped design of this sort of kitchen as it really facilitates movement and surrounds the chef. It’s also known as the C- shaped kitchen as it includes a peninsula that makes it also look like this letter from an angle. A lot of kitchens of this style have fridges on the wall on the outside of the U. This allows it to still stay inside the triangle area but means it doesn’t take up counter space.


Yes, it does sound like something a pirate would have, however it’s a simple and efficient design that works well for small areas. The a galley kitchen allows for the sink, prep and cooking area and cleaning space to be equidistant from each other. Galleys are very flexible items and adding a kitchen table, adding seats and removing walls can all add a degree of flexibility to this sort of area.

Appliance Layout

Logical layout of appliances is also important and the kitchen work triangle is one thing that’s touted as a practical way to set your kitchen up. However, even though it’s commonly touted that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect for each and every kitchen. Focus on what works best for you as regards cooking, preparation and cleaning and then create a kitchen around these factors. This should be the most beneficial way to do things in most cases.

Universal Layout

The main principal of a universal layout is that a space needs to be comfortable and should be easy to use no matter how old, how much ability you have, or what you like to use the kitchen for. It’s something that rings true in a high traffic area like a kitchen. In addition to layout consider height of counters, door sizes and how high cupboards are to reach. These things all matter and can make your kitchen a lot easier to utilise.

Kitchen layouts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and it’s really about what suits. Some kitchens work well for some and don’t for others. Our advice is to inform yourself, look at your own kitchen and decide on what you would like.

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