What Appliances You Should Have In Your Kitchen?

Every cook knows what it takes to process and prepare delicious meals every day. However, beginners or even professionals will not be able to process the entire ingredients as instructed in the recipe book without any kitchen appliance. There are probably hundreds or more electric appliances available in the market; unless you are a chef in a big restaurant, you will not need all of them. In most cases, for me I only need the most essential cookware that I can use to prepare various meals every day.

Here is the list of top favourite kitchen appliance usually seen in any kitchen in any house.

1. Food Processor

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Food Processor

Food processor is probably the most versatile kitchen appliance ever. It does excellent jobs on chopping and mixing almost any vegetable, fruit, and other ingredients. Such tool is usually very easy to use; it is electrically-powered and made from dishwasher-safe materials. There are various sizes available ranging from 1-cup to a gallon. Most modern food processors are also very compact in design for space-saving issue. Depending on the capacity, power, and materials, the price can be relatively expensive. Normally, food processors are priced between $5 to $150. In case you don’t have a real processor, a blender can also get some simple jobs done easily!

2. Indoor Electric Grill

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Indoor Electric Grill

Indoor electric grill is a great invention to replace the classic propane or charcoal grill. As the name suggests, indoor grill is used mainly in indoor environment and it is powered by electricity. The size is small that it does not occupy large space in the kitchen. Without the use of propane gas and charcoal, indoor grill is always environmentally healthy and efficient to process meat. It is as well very easy to clean. Indoor grill with non-stick surface also requires very little amount cooking oil or spray. Such appliance is increasingly popular nowadays, so people have more product choices available. Depending on the size and features, the price ranges from $10 to $100.

3. Slow Cooker

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Slow Cooker

Compared to rice cooker, slow cooker has more functions. Rice cooker is mainly used to prepare rice and vegetables, while slow cooker is useful to process soup, meat, chicken, vegetables, and dessert. Especially for a busy cook, slow cooker is greatly helpful during a busy day. Commonly, the cookware requires several hours to completely process the food. It is a small appliance that uses very little electricity power. This small kitchen appliance can be easily found in department stores or appliance stores in town. It is typically priced from $10 to $200.

4. Waffle Iron

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Waffle Iron

Waffle is a healthy and tasty food; having a waffle for breakfast is always great. Waffle iron can also create nutritious sandwich by combining two breads, meat, and cheese. Some units come with removable plates for easier cleaning procedure. Waffle irons are wide available in stores; the price ranges from $10 to $100.


The need for any specific kitchen appliance actually depends on individuals’ preferences. Nonetheless, the mentioned cookware should exist in everybody’s kitchen to help to prepare everyday meals. Modern cookware is usually electrically powered for more efficient cooking and environment-friendly. Of course, there is always another top kitchen appliance available in the market, but the above cookware mentioned should cover the need for great meal almost every day.

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