Seiko MarineMaster Prospex Professional Sbbn013 – One of the best Seiko dive watches

The Seiko MarineMaster Prospex Professional SBBN013 watch is one of the few dive watches that is really made for underwater environments. Not only that, but the Seiko Marinemaster watch has many notable traits and a beautiful design that will definitely turn some heads. If you are commonly in deep-sea environments, then this is the watch that you want to bring with you.

best seiko dive watch ever

This watch currently holds a five-star rating on Amazon, and all of the reviewers are very happy with it. It has a water resistance of 100ATM (1000m or 3281 feet), which is probably why many reviewers gave up their other diving watch models for this one.

One of the best things about the Seiko Marinemaster is the design. Everything is black and white. It looks very modern and sleek, but Seiko made this decision for a very specific reason. The common watch is often white with a metallic rim. That’s fine when you’re above the water, but it gets hard while diving.

If you have any experience with diving, then you know that everything is very dark under the water’s surface. Having a white watch face can hurt your eyes since it goes against the natural environment. The Seiko Marinemaster design gives you enough visibility without hurting your eyes.

Water Resistance
The Seiko Marinemaster lineup is an expensive brand of watches, so you probably expect it to have great water resistance. You would be right. The watch will work adequately under 3,281 feet of water, which should be enough for even your deepest dives.

Not only that, but experienced divers might notice the lack of a helium escape valve. That’s because this watch uses a special gasket, the first of its kind, that prevents helium from leaking into the watch’s body. Most budget dive watches fail to include a valve, which means that the watch will only last for a few dives without incurring damage. This valve ensures that even your longest days under the water won’t damage the watch.

A watch can have all of the best features in the world, but it’s useless if it isn’t accurate. According to the manufacturer, the Seiko Marinemaster watch should only change about 15 seconds every month. At the same time, most reviewers said that it’s only about one second, which is even better.

Luminous Material
The LumiBrite material used in this watch is able to store light for about three to five hours from one charge. This ensures that you can easily see the time even if you’re too deep to see the sun. Charging the LumiBrite material is also very easy. It only needs to charge for about 10 minutes before the watch will adequately light up underwater.

Battery Life
The battery is expected to last about five years, which might be the only thing that’s fairly normal about this watch. To make things even more convenient, there is a low battery indicator that will tell you when the battery is starting to die.
How does the Seiko Marinemaster stack up against similar diving watch models? It’s easily one of the best, even when compared to other premium watches. Whether you want this watch for fashion or function, it’s definitely a great piece that will accommodate your every need.

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