How To Build An Outdoor Firepit For Your Home

The tradition to gather around the fire was originated in the early stages of human evolution. Over time the fire had been tamed and moved him into the home, but the need to sit around the fire pit, not only remained in modern humans, but also intensified. In an age of fast-paced technology, synthetic materials and chemical products people are tired of civilization and tend to be closer to nature. To be able at any time of the year filled with energy from the power of fire, it is necessary to build the fire pit on the site – a functional design element that enables to light a fire fast, safe and prettily. Ready-made metal products sold in any specialty store, and for craftsmen will not be difficult to lay a fire pit of stone with their own hands.
How to build a stone fire pit
Step 1: Prepare the stones.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho walling stone

Determine the size, shape and location of the fire pits. Take the measurements (height, width and depth) and choose material for the project. Stones are desirable to be the same; it is more convenient to put the clutch.
Step 2: Prepare the site.
Insert the support (rebar) into the ground. Delineate the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 150 cm and dig a pit in the 10-12 cm.
Step 3: Mark for support
Inside the pit draw the inner circle,so the distance to the outer would be as the wall thickness. The thickness of the wall is at your discretion.
Step 4: Support Stream
Prepare the solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Spread the cement in the area between the inner and outer circles. Leave the area of the center free of concrete for drainage.
Continue adding the cement and align it until it reaches 5-10 cm. Add the cement reinforcement for greater rigidity. Leave the footage to dry.
Step 5: Place the first layer of bricks and stones.
Put the bricks vertically. Check the clutch level. Remove the odd solution.
Step 6: Finish the wall.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho firepit wall

Via: Fireplace Design Ideas

Continue putting the walls, until you reach the desired height. The gaps between the brick and stone fill the remains of brick or stone, obscuring with the cement solution.
Step 7: Place the Capstone.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho firepit capstone

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After the footage of the wall is ready, you need to put the top capstones. To do this, lay on more cement solution on the top of the wall. Place the capstones to a solution, choosing flat stones, laying neatly together.
Close up inside all the cracks and holes with cement. Once the solution has dried, use a stiff brush to scrape off the remaining part of the solution.
Step 8: Pour stones.
Pour the rocks and pebbles inside. Around the fire pit pour a small pebble
Step 9: Paint the walls.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho firepit paint
Spray the interior walls with water to remove any dust or dirt that may have gathered on the stone. When the walls have dried, paint the inside of walls in black by the spray (as in an oven).
Such a place for the fire is not only safe, but also would decorate your yard or garden. You can enjoy the evening with your friends, roasting barbecue over this fire pit.

Now your outdoor firepit is ready for use, feed it with the best firewood. You can either of for dried wood or fresh wood with cheaper price, then split & dry them on your own! I prefer the latter choice because with proper tools, those tasks wouldn’t be a big deal.


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