5 Reasons Why Concrete Pools Are The Best Choice For Your Home

Congratulations upon deciding to have a pool constructed on your property. You are one of the luckythat can take pride in having this all in one ultimate feature of luxury, relaxation and exercise. A pool in your yard will not only add to the appeal of your home but also to its value. It is indeed a great asset to have in your compound. The best thing with this kind of investment is that it is a one-time financial outlay yet you will enjoy its benefits for ages.

Your question now is whether you should have a concrete pool or a vinyl or fiberglass one. There are several pros and cons of each type but concrete pools are a great investment and will pay for themselves over time. If you work with a skilled and reputable contractor, he can turn your dream of having an amazing pool into a reality. In this article, we are going to expound on the reasons why concrete pools are the best.


A concrete pool, also known as a gunite pool is very long lasting. Once constructed, it may not require any renovation work done on it for over 15 years, and that is a very long time. This therefore means that even if it costs more to install as compared to other pool types, you save more in the long run as compared to the person who went for short term cost effectiveness. Just ensure that you work with a well established and reputable constructor.

It Increases  theValue of Your Property

When you have a concrete pool constructed, it is a permanent feature of the property and it drastically improves the market value of that property. Anyone wishing to buy that home in the event that you put it up for sale will make a much higher offer for the home than they would have if the pool had not been a part of the landscaping. You therefore stand to not only benefit directly from using the pool while you reside in the home; you will also make money off it as you cash in and move on to another home.

Concrete Pools can be Made in Different Shapesand  Sizes

Since it is made from scratch, you are at liberty to talk to your designer to have it in whatever shape, design or size you desire. You can have it as unique as your imagination can go, rather than be straight jacketed by the conventional square or rectangle versions that look much uninspired. With concrete, you decide what your pool will look like. You will have a pool that reflects your personal sense of style.

Concrete Pools can have an Unlimited Finish Options

Adding the finishing touches to a concrete swimming pool can be a major opportunity for you to put your personal stamp on this feature of your property. You may choose to use tiles, fiberglass or aggregate as your preferred final touch to the pool. In this, you have a chance to make it as personal and breathtaking as you wish, without the limitations of mass produced pool kinds.

They Give a More Spacious Look

Since the dimensions are selected by you to accommodate your space and design specifications, concrete pools can be more spacious. Even when it is actually small, you can have it look more spacious by using a finish that makes it appear to go on endlessly. Spaciousness can be enhanced by the use of lounging space created via including interior steps. Thus, a small pool can be made to look much larger than it actually is!

All in all, concrete pools offer unparalleled advantages over other types of swimming pools. You just need to take your time and have a professional handle the design and construction, and then you can reap the benefits. You can also browse for different pools designs on the web and then tailor-make the design to meet your specific needs and tastes.

Making the decision to have an in-ground swimming pool is smarter than having an above the ground pool. When you have your own concrete swimming pool, your home will basically be a place to have fun with your family.

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