A Quick Overview of Military Watch

g shock military watchBack in the early 1900’s there was no such thing as a military watch; Militaries around the world did not issue watches to their soldiers. The origin of the military watch is a mystery, but many believe the first military watches were created in the Boer War (1899-1902). Later seen in World War 1, pocket watches converted to wrist watches, metal lugs were attached onto them so that a strap could hold the watch to the wrist.

WW1 really marked the evolution of military watches. The watches were labeled by many companies as “soldier” watches. The most historic of these watches was created by Cartier, it paid homage to the American Tank Corps for their service in World War 1. These watches were labeled as “tank” watches by design it was flat 35mm by 25 mm. (check out some modern digital tactical watches here)

It wasn’t until World War 2 that the US Army would regulate and standardize watches. In 1940, the U.S. army released specification 55-1B, this specification would be the base of all U.S. watches during the Second World War. These consisted of : Model B-1

  • Movement of no less than seven jewels
  • A dial with luminescent hands and markers
  • A stainless steel case
  • Olive drab strap
  • Manual wound movement Acc
  • Accuracy was +/- 30 seconds per day
  • Shock and water proof

With the release of B-1 the Army, Army Air Corps, RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force), Marine Corps, and other military sections adopted this as a vital piece of equipment in warfare. However, tighter specifications and special applications were needed, and so, the U.S. Army went to the drawing board and created Spec A-11. The A-11 was more complex than the B-1, it featured:

  • 15-jewel movement
  • Easier to synchronize with other watches.
  • This spec watch was given to pilots and navigators

In 1944, creation of the Naval Combat Demolition Units (NCDUs) were used to clear mines from the beaches during the D-Day invasion, thus the Navy introduced FSX-797, higher tolerances were needed. Increased resistance to dust and moisture were needed and this specification implemented both. These watches were:

  • Shock proof
  • Water proof
  • Dust Proof
  • Moisture proof.

Testing consisted of being submerged underwater under pressure.

With the B-1, A-11 and FSX-797, watches began to be specialized to the needs of the corps, and so it lead to creation of pilot, diver/naval, and field operation watches. Today many watches conform and exceed MIL-Spec and many soldiers choose to use their own watches in combat rather than the ones issued to them. The decision relies to the unit they are stationed in.

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Best Portable Gas Air Compressor For Home Improvement

Air compressors are those kind of mechanical equipment which takes air and keep the air compressed in the devices, storage tank and can be used in various tasks. There are various types of compressors which is full of air. Some of them uses grease and some of them are grease free. Among them gas and portable compressors are popular mechanical gadgets. You can get a clear idea about the gas compressor and portable air compressor from below discussion.

  • Gas Air Compressor

A gas powered air compressor is a heavy-duty device and has a huge storage system. It can be used in any kind of source like development site, boat or in an emergency state. It can also be used in far development site with out-door tools and it is best for industrialized area.

  • Portable Air Compressor

Advanced technology is doing a great job not only in industrial work, but also in household matters. For this purpose, the most ideal device is a portable air compressor. In the past, one project needed to finish with great complications, but with the help of technology many projects can be done without any complications. Nowadays, people perform some important works like nailing, decoration in their house. For these creative kinds of work this kind of compressor is required.


Currently, air compressors are most essential mechanism. Here I am pointing some advantages of these devices.

  • Advantages of Gas Air Compressor

To complete your industrial or marketing project in time, the highest pressure of aerial is essential. A gas powered portable air compressor is the best option to get the best processor in perfect amount.

  1. This compressor is an essential part of different turbines like gas, water, steam etc.
  2. An important device for jet engine, petrol engine, automobile charger etc.
  3. Used in air conditioning and freezing
  4. It helps to convert low pressure gas from preserved bottle
  5. Used for oxygen boosting in the industry
  6. It is used in leakage test and gas pressure check. The function of the valves can also be tested by these devices
  7. Supplies pure gas
  8. They also play a vital role in scuba and fire department. Because it helps to create a flawless breathing system
  9. For charging a fire extinguisher these devices are used

Just keep it in mind that while using these compressors, always use the certified and good quality gases.

  • Advantages of Portable Air Compressor

Nowadays, you can perform any small work easily and the credit goes to the air compressor. For more easy and effortless work best  portable air  compressors are now in demand. They are popular for their exceptional features and usefulness.

  1. These devices are very helpful in household projects. Smaller household tasks can be done efficiently.
  2. The most important advantage of these devices is their portability and weight. They are so light and can easily be taken in various places like a roof or kitchen and even in the backyard.
  3. Their functionality is as same as the traditional air compressors
  4. Less expensive and durable
  5. Their parts are easy to find and can be repaired at low cost
  6. Power range is adjustable
  7. They can also be used in urban and industrialized area
  8. Very safe and secure

How to Choose a Best Air Compressor

You have to check and judge many things while choosing air compressors to buy.

Gas Compressor:

It works as an electrical power compressor. Air is taken in and compressed in the storage tank by the compressors. Valves helps to store the required air and make it safe compressed zone. Various handy tools are given to do many tasks. Here are some tips to choose the best one:

  • At first you have to choose a perfect gas powered compressor. You have to decide for what work you need a gas compressor-for industrial work or household project?
  • Output is an important factor. All air tools need a particular amount of airflow and loads to perform. You have to select the tool which provides efficient output.
  • Capacity of storage means how much air can be stored in tanks and for how long. Select the device which calculates air consumptions while using and helps to know the tank size and capacity.
  • A single or dual stage compression can be seen in air compressor. For household work single stage compressor is perfect and double stage is for industrial work.
  • These type of compressors does not need much maintenance. Safe and easy maintenance is its main advantage.

So while choosing the best gas powered compressor, check which device meets your purpose.

Portable Air Compressors:

Portable compressors are most flexible and useful device. You can work hundreds of tasks with it and it can be taken anywhere. Portable air compressor reviews will discuss about some tips to choose a perfect one.

  • For choosing a best portable air compressor, at first you have to decide what kind of work you need to perform with the device. For small home project you need less power and cheap devices. For the larger and heavier work of house project you need a more powerful device.
  • Power source should be known while choosing compressors. If your work near any electric channel, then electrical compressor is best, but if your work is in different places, then you need a portable air compressor. The only disadvantage of it is the smell of fuel, which is quite irritating.
  • Various types of storage tanks are available in these compressors. The small tank is used for small house task and bigger tank is for a little heavy work.
  • Determine which model you want after judging because there are various types of models are available in the market.

Who needs it?

Gas Compressor:

The gas powered compressor is suitable in industrial works because it produces much power and cover heavy and tough works for industry.

Portable Air Compressor:

This device is best for household works. Those who wants to do some little task of work like nailing, fix the fence, decorate the room etc. a best portable air compressor is suitable for them. And it is very popular for its portability and light body. It can also be used in the industry for small task if it is needed.

Review of Gas Air Compressor:

  1. Ingersoll Rand Truck Mount Air Compressor


  • GX390 series.
  • 13HP
  • 24 CFM, 175 PSI


  • Long lasting, durable and has less sound
  • Approved by the contractor
  • Less Maintenance needed
  • Easy to start
  • Rechargeable battery

This brand has number one position for its performance at work. So should go for this product!

  1. Eagle 9 Truck Mount Air Compressor


  • Gx270 engine
  • 18CFM 90 PSI
  • 30 gallons


  • Durable and reliable air pressure
  • Engine is very easy to start
  • Includes long lasting iron cylinders
  • Less vibration, cooling is fast
  • Reliable and best for tough work

Review of Portable Air Compressor:

  1. CAT-1610 Air Compressor:


  • Has 120 PSI
  • 6 gallons


  • Tank fills up with air in very short time
  • Portable and very easy to use
  • Very handy

I think, you should choose this product for your household works.

  1. Porter cable C2002-WK:

    best pancake air compressor


  • 150 PSI
  • 25 feet nylon hose.
  • Blow gun with attachments


  • 13 different attachment available.
  • Has wheels for moving easily.
  • Much space is not needed.

I am suggesting you to use the compressor for different household works because it has a mind blowing performance for these types of works.


Earlier, there was a central power system which controlled all works through mechanical belt and tools. But by the revolution of technology, now all the works are performing by advanced energy source like compressor. Due to the variety and advantages, this power source is now used in many areas and sites like work station, garage, workshop, industry, house decoration etc. Currently the use of gas air compressor and the best portable air compressor is increasing and thus various improvement is happening.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Winterize Your Pool

Sadly, it’s come to the time of the year when you have to start shutting your pool down for the winter. Gone are the days of spending time with the family by the pool, or soaking up some rays with a magazine on the weekends. It’s time to get the pool shut up and protected for the winter.

If you’ve owned your pool for several seasons, you’re probably already a pro at winterizing your pool. But if you’re new to pool ownership, or you’re currently contemplating the responsibilities that would come with owning a pool, here are some tips for you on what goes into preparing your home pool for the winter months.

Protecting Your Pool in the Winter

There are three main things that you will need to protect your pool from while it isn’t being used in the colder months:

  1. Bacteria
  2. The Elements
  3. Animals

So, there are three main components that you will need to utilize to fully protect your pool in the winter:

  1. Chemicals
  2. Pool Cover
  3. Fencing

1.Bacteria, Algae & Mold

One of the main things that you will need to take care to protect your pool from in the winter months is the growth of bacteria, algae, and mold. You will want to start by doing a thorough cleaning of your pool. Remove any debris from the pool. Brush and vacuum the walls and floors of your pool. Clean your filtering system. Make sure all components of your pool are completely clean before proceeding.

Next you will want to test your water to see where all of the levels are so you know what exactly you’re working with. You will need to test your water’s pH, alkalinity, and calcium. Make sure to document these numbers so that you can compare them when you open your pool again in the spring.

After you’ve tested your pool’s levels, you will want to shock your pool water. You will want to make sure to follow your manufacturer’s instructions on this to make sure you are doing this the best way for your specific pool. There are also several chemicals you can purchase to help winterize your pool that will help inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae while the pool isn’t being used and regularly cleaned. Again, consult your manufacturer for the best products for your specific pool. These chemicals can be purchased at your local Lowe’s/Home Depot, at a pool supply store, or online.

2.The Elements

After your pool is clean and has the proper chemicals to help keep the water healthy during the winter, you will also need to make sure to protect the pool and its components from freezing during the cold months. Start by removing all removable components of your pool and storing them in your shed or garage. Remove all ladders, skimmer baskets, chemical feeders, filters, etc.

You will also need to remove some water from your pool, bringing the level down below the pool skimmer. Once you’ve lowered the water level, you will also need to drain or blow out your pool’s maintenance systems (pump, filter, and heating). Any water left in these systems can freeze and cause big problems for you. So make sure that all of these systems are completely free of water. There are winterizing plugs you can use to make sure to get the best results with this process. It is also a good idea to install a skimmer plug or aquador to keep your skimmer plate free of water.

Once you’ve taken all of the necessary steps to remove or protect all pool components from freezing, you can now cover your pool. It’s a good idea to start with a pool air pillow in the middle of the pool to support the weight of your winter pool cover. This will be especially helpful when your pool cover begins to be weighed down by leaves, rain, and snow. Your pool should have come with a heavy, tight fitting winter cover made to perfectly fit your pool. Install that cover, making sure it is completely secured all the way around your pool. If you want to be especially safe, you can use water bags to make sure your cover is even more secured.


Lastly, you will also want to make sure there are barriers in place around your pool. This will not only protect your pool from any wildlife that might be natural to your area, but even more importantly it will protect children and animals from falling into your pool when it isn’t being as closely watched during the down months. If you have a home pool, you should already have fencing completely surrounding the pool. 20% of drownings happen in the winter. So if you don’t already have this safety feature in place, now is a great time to have protective fencing installed around your pool.


Take the necessary steps to make sure your pool is protected in the winter and cooler months of the year. Doing this will not only help to give you the peace of mind that your investment is being properly protected during a time that it isn’t getting routine maintenance, but it will also help you to have an easier pool opening in the spring.

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Seiko MarineMaster Prospex Professional Sbbn013 – One of the best Seiko dive watches

The Seiko MarineMaster Prospex Professional SBBN013 watch is one of the few dive watches that is really made for underwater environments. Not only that, but the Seiko Marinemaster watch has many notable traits and a beautiful design that will definitely turn some heads. If you are commonly in deep-sea environments, then this is the watch that you want to bring with you.

best seiko dive watch ever

This watch currently holds a five-star rating on Amazon, and all of the reviewers are very happy with it. It has a water resistance of 100ATM (1000m or 3281 feet), which is probably why many reviewers gave up their other diving watch models for this one.

One of the best things about the Seiko Marinemaster is the design. Everything is black and white. It looks very modern and sleek, but Seiko made this decision for a very specific reason. The common watch is often white with a metallic rim. That’s fine when you’re above the water, but it gets hard while diving.

If you have any experience with diving, then you know that everything is very dark under the water’s surface. Having a white watch face can hurt your eyes since it goes against the natural environment. The Seiko Marinemaster design gives you enough visibility without hurting your eyes.

Water Resistance
The Seiko Marinemaster lineup is an expensive brand of watches, so you probably expect it to have great water resistance. You would be right. The watch will work adequately under 3,281 feet of water, which should be enough for even your deepest dives.

Not only that, but experienced divers might notice the lack of a helium escape valve. That’s because this watch uses a special gasket, the first of its kind, that prevents helium from leaking into the watch’s body. Most budget dive watches fail to include a valve, which means that the watch will only last for a few dives without incurring damage. This valve ensures that even your longest days under the water won’t damage the watch.

A watch can have all of the best features in the world, but it’s useless if it isn’t accurate. According to the manufacturer, the Seiko Marinemaster watch should only change about 15 seconds every month. At the same time, most reviewers said that it’s only about one second, which is even better.

Luminous Material
The LumiBrite material used in this watch is able to store light for about three to five hours from one charge. This ensures that you can easily see the time even if you’re too deep to see the sun. Charging the LumiBrite material is also very easy. It only needs to charge for about 10 minutes before the watch will adequately light up underwater.

Battery Life
The battery is expected to last about five years, which might be the only thing that’s fairly normal about this watch. To make things even more convenient, there is a low battery indicator that will tell you when the battery is starting to die.
How does the Seiko Marinemaster stack up against similar diving watch models? It’s easily one of the best, even when compared to other premium watches. Whether you want this watch for fashion or function, it’s definitely a great piece that will accommodate your every need.

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Simple Tips On Improving Your Home

Making improvements to your home not only builds up beauty to your shelter but as well increases its monetary value. Below are the following tips from the experts that may help you in giving your home a valuable change.

Keep Your Home up to Date

What does this mean? If you are trying to sell your home, you should change its design from a more modern one. The contemporary designs of houses today are faster to be sold than the traditional ones. Implement these new kinds of patterns in your home except in the kitchen. According to records, dated or dark kitchens are more attractive than the newer designs. That is why it doesn’t apply to the rule.

Another important division of a house is the bathroom. Be sure that the comfort room is properly tiled. Everything must be clean and attractive to the eyes. The simpler the better, but remember to incorporate those ‘silvery’ showers, faucets, etc. Your guests will surely love staying in your home.

RepaintYour  Home

One of the most important things to do when it comes to home improvement is repainting. This is a vital thing to do if you want to give your home a new wonderful look. No matter what kinds of high-tech devices you display in your home, if your home has an awful outer and inside wall, your guests will just see your home as an old creepy house. Be sure that the paintings on your walls are not discolored or tampered. Little damages are okay, but too much, you must really do something about it. Here is an advice. Try to pick the colors that complement each other. Do not use diverse kinds of colors since it will just give a funny look to your house.

Improve the Ambiance of your Home

The ambiance of your home is important for every visitor and of course you yourself. To improve the atmosphere in your house, you must avoid overloading it with devices, especially for small houses since it will just make your house look too crowded, encouraging you and your visitors to think that you are suffocated. Another way to enhance your home’s ambiance is by incorporating fragrance lamps. The fragrance lamps have the ability to clean or purify the air in your home. They eliminate those harmful bacteria, viruses and toxins in the air that may cause various diseases. Simultaneous with this cleaning process is the dispersion of a pleasant aroma in the atmosphere. The scent depends on your choice and there are lots of fragrances where you can choose from.

Enhance Security

Improving your home must not only involve its look or its beauty. You should also remember that everything can be gone in just a snap if the security of your home is not good. When upgrading your home’s security, you can try to:

  • Create a wall between your property and your neighborhood. Be sure that the height is enough that it cannot be easily jumped by intruders.
  • Plant natural thorny hedge around your property. This is much cheaper compared to the first one.

Install various kinds of alarms in your home. There are lots of alarms that you can try an example is the motion sensor alar

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5 Reasons Why Concrete Pools Are The Best Choice For Your Home

Congratulations upon deciding to have a pool constructed on your property. You are one of the luckythat can take pride in having this all in one ultimate feature of luxury, relaxation and exercise. A pool in your yard will not only add to the appeal of your home but also to its value. It is indeed a great asset to have in your compound. The best thing with this kind of investment is that it is a one-time financial outlay yet you will enjoy its benefits for ages.

Your question now is whether you should have a concrete pool or a vinyl or fiberglass one. There are several pros and cons of each type but concrete pools are a great investment and will pay for themselves over time. If you work with a skilled and reputable contractor, he can turn your dream of having an amazing pool into a reality. In this article, we are going to expound on the reasons why concrete pools are the best.


A concrete pool, also known as a gunite pool is very long lasting. Once constructed, it may not require any renovation work done on it for over 15 years, and that is a very long time. This therefore means that even if it costs more to install as compared to other pool types, you save more in the long run as compared to the person who went for short term cost effectiveness. Just ensure that you work with a well established and reputable constructor.

It Increases  theValue of Your Property

When you have a concrete pool constructed, it is a permanent feature of the property and it drastically improves the market value of that property. Anyone wishing to buy that home in the event that you put it up for sale will make a much higher offer for the home than they would have if the pool had not been a part of the landscaping. You therefore stand to not only benefit directly from using the pool while you reside in the home; you will also make money off it as you cash in and move on to another home.

Concrete Pools can be Made in Different Shapesand  Sizes

Since it is made from scratch, you are at liberty to talk to your designer to have it in whatever shape, design or size you desire. You can have it as unique as your imagination can go, rather than be straight jacketed by the conventional square or rectangle versions that look much uninspired. With concrete, you decide what your pool will look like. You will have a pool that reflects your personal sense of style.

Concrete Pools can have an Unlimited Finish Options

Adding the finishing touches to a concrete swimming pool can be a major opportunity for you to put your personal stamp on this feature of your property. You may choose to use tiles, fiberglass or aggregate as your preferred final touch to the pool. In this, you have a chance to make it as personal and breathtaking as you wish, without the limitations of mass produced pool kinds.

They Give a More Spacious Look

Since the dimensions are selected by you to accommodate your space and design specifications, concrete pools can be more spacious. Even when it is actually small, you can have it look more spacious by using a finish that makes it appear to go on endlessly. Spaciousness can be enhanced by the use of lounging space created via including interior steps. Thus, a small pool can be made to look much larger than it actually is!

All in all, concrete pools offer unparalleled advantages over other types of swimming pools. You just need to take your time and have a professional handle the design and construction, and then you can reap the benefits. You can also browse for different pools designs on the web and then tailor-make the design to meet your specific needs and tastes.

Making the decision to have an in-ground swimming pool is smarter than having an above the ground pool. When you have your own concrete swimming pool, your home will basically be a place to have fun with your family.

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